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Face your future with confidence!

We believe in a new way of teaching and learning that appreciates young people as individuals, treats them with kindness and respect and prepares them for the real world.

Family feel

Our space looks and feels like a home, and a maximum of 10 learners each morning helps the group feel like a family.

We don’t wear a uniform and whether you prefer to work at a desk, on the sofa cuddled up with the dog or lying on the floor with your feet up the wall, feel free to work in the way that’s best for you!

We’re open Monday to Friday, 09:30 – 12:30

Our approach

Blue Squid’s coaching-led learning model is based a three-part learning cycle.


Learners meet regularly with their coach, who helps them set personal learning goals for each of the four pillars of our curriculum and plan steps for achieving them.


Learners work either on their own or in groups to achieve the learning goals they have set themselves.


Learners and their coach assess whether learning goals have been achieved and to identify next steps.

A circle split into three sections with arrows linking each section. In the centre are the words "long-term goals". One section of the circle says "learning", then next "assessment" and the third, "coaching".

Our curriculum

We believe in a holistic approach to the curriculum and divide our learning into four key pillars.

Learning to know

This area of the curriculum includes the knowledge and skills required to thrive in our world. As well as academic learning, it includes developing your imagination, reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills, as well as building a love for life-long learning.

Learning to do

This area of the curriculum includes exploring using what you know to create things that are meaningful in life. It also includes understanding the processes and conventions of society and business, and builds teamworking skills.

Learning to be

This area of the curriculum includes activities that promote holistic personal development. It develops your understanding of yourself as a unique individual: your values, your talents, and your passions. It includes exploring ways to feel comfortable in yourself and celebrate your uniqueness.

Learning to live together

This area of the curriculum includes building interpersonal skills, understanding and mutual respect, and an appreciation for the diversity of society. It explores the interdependence of humans and how we can work together to make the world a better place.

Our space

The benefits

Less anxiety

Learners take an active role, rather than passively receiving information. Putting learners in control helps to reduce anxiety and leads to greater engagement and understanding

Increased confidence

Learners consider big questions, think creatively and explore new ideas, approaches, and perspectives. They learn that mistakes and failures are as valuable for learning as success.

Increased confidence

Learners consider big questions, think creatively and explore new ideas, approaches, and perspectives. They learn that mistakes and failures are as valuable for learning as success.

Better engagement

Learners work with our coaches to set their own goals and work at their own pace. They have control over what, how and when they learn, making it more enjoyable and engaging.

Frequently asked questions

Who can attend?

Any young person from the ages of 9 – 16 can attend our centre.

We are an inclusive space and try our very best to accommodate individual needs.

How do I know if this is right for my child?

Only you and your child can make that decision.

If your child has become overwhelmed with traditional schooling, you might find that removing them and putting them in charge of their own learning may be just what they need.

If your child is already home educated, you might want a little more structure around some academic learning.

Our part-time mornings-only structure leaves you free to continue the rest of your educational journey in the afternoons.

If you’d like to chat about whether this might be right for your child, simply send us your information using the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll give you a call!

Are young people grouped by age?

No. All Blue Squid learners share the same spaces and are free to work alone or with whichever other learners they wish.

However, as learners start to work towards public examinations (GCSEs) learners may be be given more opportunity to work in small groups with other learners at the same stage.

Do you follow the National Curriculum?

No, we don’t follow the National Curriculum. Coaches talk to learners about their futures and whether they feel they want to be mindful of these expectations, especially if they want to work towards public examinations in the future.

It is up to each invidual learner to decide how to best use their time at the centre. They will meet regularly with their coach to discuss their options and plan their learning.

Do learners have to study English and maths?

Through regular coaching, learners are encouraged and motivated to continue their core learning in reading, writing and maths.

Learners are able to track their progress in reading and maths using a variety of computer-based programs, building motivation to achieve.

Do learners have to take national tests?

Blue Squid is not a school. Learners are not required to sit any national curriculum assessments, including Y6 SATs.

We support our learners to work towards and sit GCSEs, if they wish.

Do learners wear a uniform?

No. Blue Squid learners can wear whatever they’re comfortable wearing.

The only rules we have are that clothing is safe and respectful.

Where are you located?

We are based in Ellington, Cambridgeshire.

How do I register?

Just get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page and we can get you signed up.

When are you open?

Blue Squid is open Monday to Friday from 9:30am – 12:30pm.

Our mornings-only structure leaves you free to continue the rest of your educational journey in the afternoons.

Three terms run for 36 weeks across the year. This is usually split evenly (12 weeks per term, 6 weeks per half-term) but can be affected by the timing of Easter.

–>> Download calendar for 2023 – 2024

What's the cost?

Costs are based on how many mornings you’d like to attend Blue Squid.

We hope this allows flexibility for families to access Blue Squid around other home education activities, as well as supporting young people to build up their time with us in a way that feels comfortable for them.

Costs for parents funding Blue Squid to supplement home education:

2 mornings per week – £240 per month
3 mornings per week – £345 per month
5 mornings per week – £500 per month

All price are inclusive of VAT.

Monthly payments are charged from September to July only.

We also welcome local authority applications for students with an EHCP (fees available on request).

Who we are

Blue Squid is run by Sally and Sue Michaels: teachers with over three decades combined experience in schools and owners of the multi-award winning Red Bird Tutoring.

Sally and Sue have now taken the next step and opened an education centre for young people that will not only arm them with the qualifications that they desire, but also develop a healthy knowledge of how they learn, where they’re going in life and the tools they’ll need to get there.

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