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For the majority of the morning, learners are free to choose what and how they learn. Allowing a long work period allows learners to concentrate deeply on tasks and avoids interrupting their flow.

Regular optional workshops are organised around learners’ interests and may be led by Blue Squid staff or external experts.

9:30 am - Getting ready to learn

Choose an activity to help you get ready to learn.

  • Choose a book.
  • Chat to friends.
  • Talk to an adult.
  • Play a quick board game.

9:45 am - Work period

  • Coaching and goal setting.
  • Self-led core learning.
  • Collaborative learning opportunities.
  • Brain breaks throughout.

11:15 am - Optional workshops

  • Book club.
  • Workshops in coding, writing, music, art, history, entrepreneurship.
  • Science and maths practical challenges.

11:45 pm - Ready for tomorrow

  • Tidy up.
  • What went well today.
  • Plan for tomorrow.

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